Under 18

Latest News for the team…

– Updated on the 13th December 2017 @ 18:50 hrs

Team Manager: Kevin O’Donnell (0789 115 7840),

Lead Coach: Gavin Orpwood (0773 659 9788),

Assistant Coach: Richard Wilson (0781 075 0469)

Training Sessions:

Our training sessions will be at Piggott School 3G Pitches, Wargrave Road

in Wargrave each Friday during term time.

Start time: 7pm. Finish Time: 8pm.

Next Match of the Season:

See below for details of our next match of the season.

Match Date Sat 16th December 2017 – AWAY LEAGUE MATCH
Kick off Time:  09:30 Hrs, please can we meet up at 09:00 Hrs for

pre-match preparations.

Opponents:   AFC Henley Hurricanes
 Venue:  Henley Football Club,

Mill Lane,



NOTES  There are changing room facilities at Henley FC.

Training Subs Per Player:

Please note that training subs of £90 are now due from each player. Please support the team by paying these by the end of Dec 2017. Training subs pay for team equipment, first aid provisions, referee fees and training costs from the 3G Piggott pitches at Piggott Academy.

Please pay online to our Natwest team account number: 88984494 and Sort Code: 60-17-21. Please enter the following reference so we can identify you have paid, i.e. “Surname-U18s.” For example: “O’Donnell-U18s”. Sorry, we cannot accept cash or cheques any more.

Match Availability:

We are now using Teamer.net to send out text and email notifications for training and matches each week to players.

Players, please confirm availability or non availability as soon as you receive the text or email with a Y or N. Any issues with Teamer please let Kevin know so he can resolve.

Under 18, Division One – East Berks League Table:

Find out where are in the table, click below:



Fixtures & Results for Division One:

 16/09/2017 Twyford Comets (3) Burnham Juniors (4)  Ollie (1), Matt R. (2)  Biruk (1), Ben(1), Conall (1)  LOSS
 23/09/2017 Hurst (0)  Twyford Comets (0)  Insufficient Team Size & Injuries – points awarded to Hurst  LOSS
 30/09/2017 Twyford Comets (8) AFC Whitchurch (0)  Luka (2), Ollie (2), Biruk (1), Matt C (1), Freddi (1), Thomas (1).  Ben (3), Thomas (2), Matt C (1), Luka (1), Ollie (1).  WIN
 07/10/2017 – CUP Twyford Comets (1) – Penalties: 5  Basingstoke Town FC (1) Penalties: 4  Matt R (1), Thomas (1), Tom (1), Harvey (1), Freddi (1), Ollie (1).  Matt C (1)  WIN
 14/10/2017 Twyford Comets (0) AFC Henley Hurricanes (0)  Insufficient Team Size & Injuries – points being requested  LOSS
 21/10/2017 Maidenhead B&G Pythons (0) Twyford Comets (0)  Insufficient Team Size & Injuries – points being requested  LOSS
 28/10/2017  HALF TERM
 04/11/2017 Basingstoke Town (4)  Twyford Comets (0)  LOSS
 11/11/2017 – CUP  Burnham Juniors (10)  Twyford Comets (2)  Matt C (2)  Biruk (2)  LOSS
 18/11/2017  Wokingham & Embrook Sumas (3)  Twyford Comets (2)  Ollie (1), Matt C (1)  Biruk (1)  LOSS
 25/11/2017  Burnham Juniors (4)  Twyford Comets (1)  Ben (1 – penalty)  LOSS
 02/12/2017  Twyford Comets (0)  Hurst (5)  LOSS
 09/12/2017  AFC Whitchurch (5)  Twyford Comets (1)  Conall (1)  Ben (1)  LOSS
 16/12/2017  AFC Henley Hurricanes  Twyford Comets

Sponsor: Costa Coffee, Twyford, High St.

Please note that Costa Twyford have agreed to sponsor us again for the next two seasons. Please help us return the favour by dropping by for coffee when you next go past their door on the High St. Thanks!

Parental Consent Forms:

Parents need to be ready to fill in and sign the online Parental Consent Forms and submit. This is mandatory for all players and is required for insurance and medical emergencies. Please find the form here:

https://form.jotformeu.com/ 71564092974364 

Latest Team Photo: