Fixtures Calendar 2018

Updated on the 9th Jan 2018.

Welcome to the 2017/18 season.

Fixtures 2018JanOn_v0.3 – UPDATE

Please find the LATEST updated link for the Fixtures Calendar, for 2017 above, (for all teams between U11s and upward).
Men’s fixtures available seperately here:  Link to Men’s Fixtures

This calendar shows all the fixtures between Jan and Apr 2011 with allocated referees, confirmed by Peter Kelly on a monthly basis, for the next set of matches.

The 11 a side pitch at KGVR may be used when Stanlake 11 a side pitches are blocked with other fixtures or when Stanlake become unplayable (as plan B). Stanlake pitches are the preference where possible.

Priority for all home pitch usage is:

1. Cup fixtures take priority but will be scheduled to be played last in the morning in case of overruns with extra time/penalties.

2. League fixtures

3. Friendly fixtures last. These are subject to late change / cancellation if for any reason late info means accommodating a fixture in category #1 or #2. This is most likely in the case of an away fixture moving to home.

Please can you now review for your team and let me know any comments.

If you need any amendments to be made to the league fixtures for your team during the 2017/18 season, especially if it impacts other teams that are sharing your pitch, please do let me know and the impacted teams by email and I will update the calendar accordingly once I have made the necessary checks.

Mark Nolan (

Twyford Comets Fixtures Secretary,
Jan 2018


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 0.1 07/01/18  Released Jan-May fixtures where available (u11-U13 still awaiting publication)
 0.2 09/01/18  Added U11 and U13 dates
 0.3  10/01/2018 Ref’s added to u11 and u13 games for Jan