Discounted Reading FC Games

The club has signed up to a block ticket scheme with Reading FC. Essentially if you call the number, quote “Twyford Comets FC” and book for one of the six games:

  1. You will get a discounted price (prices on the poster)
  2. Be seated with other members of the club
  3. The Club will receive some much needed funding
  4. You will enjoy a great Saturday of football!

What could be better?

See the poster below
Block 1 Group ticketing poster

Piggott 3G Footwear Policy

The Piggott 3G pitch is an artificial surface, as such, we need to look after the grounds.

Below is advice for 3G footwear:
3G Permitted footwear:
•Boots with moulded studs – see first example photo below.
•Astro trainers with rubber pimpled soles.

Not allowed on 3G
•No Trainers
•No Boots with screw in studs
•No Blades see 2nd pic below
•No Dirty shoes.

These will not be allowed on to the surface, so if you play on moulded studs on a Saturday, boots will need cleaning before training!

Another note on blades – as a club we do not recommend these boots for the Saturday “on real turf” football either, due to some injuries observed by some of our members. Something to keep in mind when it comes to renewing them.

Also, we have in the last season had many children wearing a hybrid boots with both moulded studs and then blades on the heel. Ideally avoid these too for 3G use.”

Zero tolerance on Player Poaching

The issue of Player Poaching, which is the practice of team mangers approaching young players from other teams and their parents directly and trying to persuade them to switch teams, is becoming increasingly widespread. More and more teams are having to fold due to their players being poached to join supposedly better teams with the promise of more facilities and better chances of winning trophies.

Twyford Comets have decided to take a stand against this and have issued a policy statement which has been adopted by the club and is now part of the club’s operating guidelines.

If you would like to read the full statement please go to the ‘About us’ section on this website.

Comets Girls win respect

Deborah Wyatt and David Lewis (Berks & Bucks FA) present the girls with their FA Respect medals

The Comets Girls U13 squad have recently won the FA Respect Award. This fantastic achievement underlines The Comets commitment to the FA Respect campaign and our own standards of Fair Play which the Club has an excellent reputation for.

All the Comets teams play the game in the right spirit and the Girl’s squad wi

nning this award is a just reward for the manager, coaches, players, assistants and everyone involved.

Earlier in the year Grassroots Ambassador, Deborah Wyatt presented the girls with a cheque for £200. The girls haven’t decided what they will spend the money on yet but they have plenty of ideas! – Deborah also returned to pay another visit to the club to present the girls with their prestigeous FA Respect medals.

Deborah Wyatt presents the U13 Girls with a cheque for £200

Comets at the Madejski

Come along and support the mighty Twyford Comets at the Madejski Stadium!

Over 150 of our junior team members, parents and friends will be at the Madejski Stadium on Saturday 27th March to cheer on our players who will be forming the guard of honour and taking part in the penalty shoot-out at half-time during the Reading v West Brom game.

It promises to be a fantastic afternoon for all involved and a great chance for the club to put itself in front of 20,000 supporters. C’mon you Comets!

For more details contact Stuart Roach on 07980 820671 or 0118 934 0224